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 Forum: Gobioninae   Tema: Gobionidae

 Naslov prispevka: Gobionidae
Objavljeno: 15. okt 2018 21:16 

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Stefano Porcellotti 3 h And after a long effort, here is the Gobionidae family, separated from the family Cyprinidae. A big thank you to all the colleagues ichthyologist who, thanks to the possibility to consult their works, have allowed me to carry out this work of divulgation. Thank you! http://ww...

 Forum: PROSTI POGOVORI   Tema: The 10 symptoms of vitamin D deficiency you need to recogniz

Objavljeno: 05. okt 2018 16:33 

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Vitamin D supplements don't improve bone health, major study finds
https://edition.cnn.com/2018/10/05/heal ... urce=fbCNN

 Forum: Akvaristi   Tema: † Jack Wattley 9.10.1922 - 2.10.2018

Objavljeno: 05. okt 2018 08:40 

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Lisa Boorman ‎ v cichlidae.com 13 h RIP to one of the main men in the discus hobby. Jack Wattley has passed away. Oct. 9, 1922-Oct. 2, 2018. He created many strains of discus that were sold worldwide. He wrote books about them. The discus world will be much smaller without him. We would love to hea...

 Forum: Akvaristi   Tema: † Jack Wattley 9.10.1922 - 2.10.2018

Objavljeno: 04. okt 2018 16:55 

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Heiko Bleher 32 minut Very close friendship for over half a Century (since 1960s when we meet for the first time at Eduard's home and had one of many diners together since). We judged worldwide, long before anyone else, and had always a 100% mutual agreement, and only the best won, never any complai...

 Forum: Cypriniformes - Cyprinioidei - krapovci   Tema: Order Cypriniformes

 Naslov prispevka: Order Cypriniformes
Objavljeno: 03. okt 2018 12:53 

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The ETYFish Project 5 minut · NAME OF THE WEEK Miniellus Jordan 1888 actually dates to 1882 Later this month, we expect to release a major revision of the Order Cypriniformes (carps, minnows, barbs, suckers, loaches, etc.), with several new families and subfamilies, many new genera and species, and ...

 Forum: Močvirske rastline   Tema: Alternanthera reineckii mini

 Naslov prispevka: Alternanthera reineckii mini
Objavljeno: 03. okt 2018 09:42 

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https://www.zgd.si/trgovina/akvaristika ... ckii-mini/

 Forum: Ekologija   Tema: mikroplastika

 Naslov prispevka: Re: mikroplastika
Objavljeno: 24. sep 2018 19:48 

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Plastični ptiči mikroplastika, komarji, antropocen V sladki vodi živeče ličinke komarjev, kačjih pastirjev, enodnevnic, vrbnic ipd. podobno kot morske ribe jedo mikroplastiko, ki jo zadržijo v sebi tudi, ko se razvijejo v odrasle na kopnem živeče komarje, kar pomeni, da na koncu pride ta mikroplasti...

 Forum: Atheriniformes - Mavričarke in modroočke   Tema: Tominanga contain only two species

Objavljeno: 19. sep 2018 16:15 

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Daniel Lumbantobing 14. september ob 07:06 · The telmatherinid sailfin-silversides of the genus Tominanga contain only two species as depicted here: (1) Tominanga aurea, endemic to Lake Mahalona (male above) (2) Tominanga sanguicauda, endemic to Lake Towuti (male below) They can be found nowhere els...

 Forum: Poeciliidae   Tema: Poecilia reticulata gupi

 Naslov prispevka: Re: Poecilia reticulata gupi
Objavljeno: 18. sep 2018 22:02 

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The Complete Guppy Care Guide: Breeding, Tank Requirements, Fancy Varieties…

 Forum: Taksonomija, filogenija rib   Tema: The ETYFish Priject

 Naslov prispevka: The ETYFish Priject
Objavljeno: 18. sep 2018 21:30 

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Fish Name Etymology Database © Christopher Scharpf and Kenneth J. Lazara BLENNIES HAS BEGUN! Now available, the first of four parts providing etymological coverage of the Order Blenniiformes. http://www.etyfish.org/blenniiformes1/ Part one covers two families: Tripterygiidae, Triplefin Blennies, 29 ...
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