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 Naslov prispevka: Hyphessobrycon myrmex Pastana et al., 2017
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Pastana, M.N.L., Dagosta, F.C.P. & Esguícero, A.L.H. (2017): A new sexually dichromatic miniature Hyphessobrycon (Teleostei: Characiformes: Characidae) from the Rio Formiga, upper Rio Juruena basin, Mato Grosso, Brazil, with a review of sexual dichromatism in Characiformes.
Journal of Fish Biology, Version of Record online: 14 SEP 2017.
http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1 ... 5EA.f02t01
Hyphessobrycon myrmex sp. nov., is described from the Rio Formiga, upper Rio Juruena, upper Rio Tapajós basin, Mato Grosso, Brazil. The new species can be distinguished from congeners by having the lower half of the body deeply pigmented with dark chromatophores, chromatophores concentrated above the anal fin and forming a broad, diffuse, dark midlateral stripe and by having a dense concentration of dark chromatophores along unbranched dorsal-fin rays and distal portions of the two or three subsequent branched rays. In life, H. myrmex exhibits a conspicuous sexual dichromatism, with adult males red to orange and females and immatures pale yellow. A list containing 108 sexually dichromatic taxa in six families of Characiformes is provided and the distribution of this poorly known type of dimorphism across the Characiformes is discussed.

A new tetra with color-coded sexing
http://www.advancedaquarist.com/blog/a- ... ded-sexing

Many tetras are difficult to sex. Often, differentiation comes down to fin lengths, subtle color deviations, or sometimes just the "fullness" of their bellies. But with Hyphessobrycon myrmex, the color between the sexes is unmistakable, and that's a good thing because this species is tiny. As you can see in the photo above, the new tetra "exhibits a conspicuous sexual dichromatism, with adult males red to orange and females and immatures pale yellow." Hyphessobrycon myrmex is a very tiny tetra that measures only about 2cm (0.75 inches) in length. It's latin name, myrmex, is Greek for "ant."

"Ujeti mikro-eko-sistemček z optimalno živo vodo, uravnoteženo biocenozno homeostazo, naravno biotsko raznovrstnostjo in biopotencialom"
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