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"HOLLY, MEINKEN & RACHOW: Die Aquarienfische in Wort und Bild", the possibly most ambitious aquarium fish literature project ever, took more than three decades to complete. Still, it was actually never completed, as it was a work in progress that would have had to go on into eternity to stay up-to-date.
The work spanned 33 years, under two different publishers, and the idea was to describe - "in word and illustration" - all the aquarium fish species, as and when they appeared in the hobby.
To facilitate this, it had to be a looseleaf publicaton. The very first package of pages was published in December 1934, and the last 20 supplements came in January 1967. At that time the last two remaining active authors, Holly and Meinken, were 65 and 70 years old, respectively, and Rachow had already died 6 years earlier.
All together 1328 supplements, divided on 130 packages, were published over the years. I must admit, I haven't counted the supplements in my set yet, so I don't know whether it is complete. Most probably, it is only near complete, as looseleaf editions have a tendency to have gaps in the sequence of pages.
The work remains a fabulous source of aquarium history, and interesting reading until this day. I wish aquarists at large still would be as interested in factual knowledge, as they once were.
For an interesting account (in German) of the history of the work, see article by Zarske & Berkenkamp (2015), linked in comments below.

Svein A. Fosså: Zarske & Berkenkamp (2015): Das Standardwerk "Holly, Meinken, Rachow (1034-1967) die Aquarienfische in Wort und Bild" und seine Bedeutung für die Ichthyologie. - Bull. Fish Biology, 15(1/2): 53-119.. Bulletin of fish Biology. 15. 53-119.
https://www.researchgate.net/publicatio ... 512_53-119

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