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Obituary of fishery biologist T. D. Iles, best known to cichlidophiles by the classic Fryer & Iles book.
The ETYFish Project
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Thomas Derrick Iles (1927-2017)

We regret news of the passing of British fisheries biologist and ichthyologist T. D. Iles on 25 December 2017. And we regret learning of his passing just last week. Iles is immortalized in the names of two Malawiian fishes:

• The clariid catfish Bathyclarias ilesi Jackson 1959, named for Iles’ “keen interest” in clariid systematics, and for collecting holotype and drawing Jackson’s attention to it.

• The cichlid Copadichromis ilesi Konings 1999, named for Iles’ 1960 paper on the “Utaka” cichlids of Lake Malawi (see below).

Born in Wales, Iles played rugby during his undergraduate years. His prowess at outside half helped him get into Christ’s College at Cambridge (which, not coincidentally, won the national academic rugby championship the following year). After university he worked for the British government’s Joint Fishery Research Organization studying the cichlids of Lake Malawi, home to more fish species than any other lake in the world, including over 700 endemic cichlids. He focused on a group of small haplochromines with a protractile upper jaw that extends outwards when the lower jaw is depressed. In 1960, he published a seminal paper in which he described 10 new species, all of which remain valid today.
In 1972, Iles collaborated with British carcinologist, ecologist and ichthyologist Geoffrey Fryer (b. 1927) to write the book “Cichlid Fishes of the Great Lakes of Africa: Their Biology and Distribution.” First published in Scotland and then republished by T.F.H. Publications in America, the book is credited with bringing the world’s attention to the spectacular diversity of cichlid fishes in East Africa’s great rift lakes (Victoria, Tanganyika, Malawi).

In 1963, Iles moved back to England, where he studied herring of the North Sea at the Biological Station in Lowestoft. Then in 1969 he settled in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada, where he worked for several decades at the St. Andrews Biological Station helping to protect the herring industry of the Bay of Fundy. A tremendous source of pride for Iles were his three children, each of whom was born in one of the different continents where he had worked.

T. D. Iles passed peacefully on Christmas Day 2017. He joined his wife of 59 years, who passed earlier that same year in March. Christmas was also her birthday.

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