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† Felipe Cantera

Interview with: Felipe Cantera, Oct-2004
Artigas Azas, Juan Miguel. (November 18, 2004). "Interview with: Felipe Cantera, Oct-2004". Cichlid Room Companion. Retrieved on August 22, 2017, from: http://www.cichlidae.com/article.php?id=347.
Post by Juan Artigas » Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:26 pm
http://www.cichlidae.com/forum/viewtopi ... 35&t=19615
It is terrible for me to have to write his name here, but Felipe has just passed away a few hours ago, he was a person with an intense love for life and nature who worked very hard to support his family and in favor of the protection of the fauna of his country, Uruguay. It is a very sad day for the lovers of nature.

Ken Davis 22-avgust 2017:
Posted by Felipe's nephew Martin: I tell all those who loved him to our dear Felipe "Pipo" Cantera Charlemagne.
was not made a wake, at the express request of himself, in more than one opportunity. Cremation will take place on
Thursday at 16.00 (approximately 18.00) at the Northern Cemetery Crematorium.
Then, two days later (Saturday 8.30), we went out from his house in Salinas, with the urn, towards Valentines, to try to reach the cemetery of Cerro Chato at noon.
Helen and the family, they want you to know, that the friend or family member or anyone who has wanted is invited to participate in these two events.
Pipo always reminded us, that he wanted to be cremated, and end up in the cemetery of Cerro Chato, accompanying our dear grandparents, Nina and Felipe, their parents.

Helen Anchorena
Matilda Cantera Roth
Corina Cantera
Esposa e hijos

Rafael Cantera
Leonor Cantera
Marcos cantera

Karina Cantera
Emilia Cantera
Rafaele Cantera Ahlman
Eleonora Cantera Ahlman
Celia Cantera Cavagnaro
martin cantera

Childhood friends, friends of the way and lifelong friends.
I think Pipo that everyone will remember you with the greatest of affection.
try to think of another person with more joy, with more life and sympathy inside. And I can't think of it. That's how you beat us all.
I want to try to understand what justice is or the order in which these things have to happen, and I do not achieve it, it makes me inexplicable. I think you agree with me on this

since I stopped thinking about Helen, the person who loved him and had decided to share his life with him. Also in Mateo, who was with the when he passed, the smallest of him, just the same, in every way.
Matilda and Corina also obviously, their large daughters. I don't know what to say to all of you

"Ujeti mikro-eko-sistemček z optimalno živo vodo, uravnoteženo biocenozno homeostazo, naravno biotsko raznovrstnostjo in biopotencialom"
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