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Paul Damjanovic is a dear friend an amazing guy. His family loves nature, animals and fishes, and live in an original forest near Cairns on a property which goes up into the hill. And he has big ponds standing everywhere (40 of the all the way up), in which he breeds fishes and plants, left alone to nature – as in nature. The only thing he does is a small pipe of water to each, flowing for a few minutes daily and connecting to each other. He raly feeds his fishes, and every container has plants and thousands of leaves fallen from the trees. The fish, if Melanotania preacox, M. lacustris (fantastic colours), Inpaichthys kerri, Nematobrycon species, beautiful angelfishes and guppies which do not eat their young. all breed for themselfs, left alone as in nature... And I still cannot get over it (as the entire family itself) over the loss of his 19 year old daughter killed in Brisbane this last May... Condolences again for all of you Paul Damjanovic. If anyone wants to know more, see Heiko Bleher details and photos.

https://scontent.flju1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/ ... e=5AAC6932
https://www.facebook.com/heikobleher.it ... =3&theater


Heiko Bleher je v mestu Cairns, Queensland, Australia.
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I definitely want, with this message, CONDEMN ALL PERSONS WORLDWIDE THOSE WHILE DRIVING USE A CELL.-PHONE. I just arrived in Cairns and heard from my dear friend Paul Damjanovic that his DAUGHTER ANN was RECENTLY killed by a women driver. This women while driving over a bridge in Brisbane was talking on a cell.-phone and lost control over her car slamming against the sidewalk where Ann (19) was walking to her University, and hit her so strong catapulting Ann from the bridge 20 meter deep. I cannot understand such insane persons, not respecting herself and the life of others, I cannot understand why one can not park and talk. I CONDEMN EVERYONE doing this. I feel so incredible sorry having known this young beautiful and intelligend girl, for Paul and his family, such a loss is about the worst thing possible to happen to anyone...
https://scontent.flju1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/ ... e=5A6959E0

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =3&theater

"Ujeti mikro-eko-sistemček z optimalno živo vodo, uravnoteženo biocenozno homeostazo, naravno biotsko raznovrstnostjo in biopotencialom"
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